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 Palera's downtime, and Forums locked up.

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PostSubject: Palera's downtime, and Forums locked up.   Tue Nov 23, 2010 11:48 am

I'm working on Palera, as I've said it will NOT be down forever.
I've been inactive the last days because I had some work to do irl.
and it will be more and more for me to do irl, but that doesn't change the facts I still can edit Palera and make it better.

Anyway, I call this "Palera -Project" off from public as I seriously have no idea how long this will take.
(Please be understanding than go OMFGOMFG no exp OMFG!!)
It's NOT only hosting that's a problem, but Palera really need a massive update regarding npc's and some more.
Also I've heard a lot from people that it's boring to play a real map there you already know where everything is etc, therefor I'm adding mysteries and new areas to explore for all levels. I will NOT use custom monsters, that wont happen!

@Forum lockdown, I've been gone for 3 days and that was more than enough to all sorts of assholes to find this forum and spamm around with very disgusting threads etc..
so I've decided to lock the forum down.

Messages to:
Kingdanny, Assassinho, Ryan West, and other assholes that's aslicking:
Fuck you seriously you immature bastards,
1: Kingdanny, what's the fucking fun post really disgusting pictures all over this forum? are you really that immature and retarded irl as you appear?
2: Assassinho you're pathetic with "I don't bot" and then come here and get busted the first day online, and once again deleted, which result in asslick Ryan and spamm around in Palera that you know I'm corrupted because I told you, you ARE pathetic. nothing else.
3: Ryan West, you're an hore on the internet, you do anything for a dollar, seriously... you're immature and are nothing but a bulled kid that got shitload lucky to learn how to abuse internet, you need some friends irl,
Why don't you use your donations to buy a life?
4: Other asslickers... you're pathetic, why do you asslick at first place? to win a Gm? asslickers have always been and will always bee..... P.A.T.H.E.T.I.C.......

The Gay Team: Good luck, see ya around, and Ryan.. Don't blame me if I throw back the shit you gave me... don't blame me...

Palera Players, I will see you soon enough, but please.. don't wait.. try to find another server meanwhile, and just keep an eye on

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Palera's downtime, and Forums locked up.
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